What if the answers you seek are within you, not outside of you?

Ask more questions. Move the needle.

As leaders, we are programmed to have answers

When you say, "I have a problem," we hear, "I need a solution."

When you say, "I have a question," we hear, "I need an answer."

We are always at the ready with our best advice, our best resources, our best stories about our sister's friend's boss who had the same challenge, on offer.

You may have noticed, it's not working

❌ We've all asked a question, and then felt completely unsatisfied by the avalanche of advice that followed

❌ We've all made action plans only to find it didn't move us any closer to the results we were seeking

❌ We've all sat around a table arguing about the right "answer," only to leave the room and peel off into small groups for the "meeting after the meeting."

The power of Wonder comes from trusting that the answers we seek lie

within us, not outside of us

The future of leadership is calling for something different

What if...

  • The best way to create deep trust and increase capacity is to stop answering and start asking?
  • The fastest way through any challenge is to pause and slow down?
  • We look beyond the surface of our questions to find deeper, more meaningful challenges to focus on?
  • We stop believing that finding answers is even the point?

What if the only way to do it differently is to, well, do it differently?

Welcome to

A free monthly gathering for current and aspiring senior leaders and small business owners committed to human-first, heart-centered leadership.

There are a gazillion resources on leadership development. If you're here, you've probably read one or two and you're ready for something different.

That's where Wonder comes in.

We're not here to TALK about inquiry and curiosity, we're here to practice it together in community. Let's discover what's possible when we embrace the power of curiosity and trust our inner expertise.

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The Details

Wonder is a free monthly gathering for current and aspiring senior leaders and small business owners committed to human-first, heart-centered leadership. 

We experiment with solving problems/addressing challenges purely through asking questions

And we let the answers emerge from within.

It's wild and wonderful and might just blow your mind. 

You probably need to see it to believe it, so take a chance and join us!

  1. 1
    We ask a lot of questions. The power of Wonder comes from trusting that the answers we need lie within us, not outside of us. We use an intentional, facilitated inquiry process to grow our capacity for curiosity and discover the wisdom within.
  2. 2
    This is a community learning experience. We're here to support each other. The more you join us, the stronger your inquiry skills will grow. We all have to start somewhere and we're here to support those who are new to the group.
  3. 3
    You get to participate however you like. You can ask, you can observe, you can bring a challenge. Either way, you'll get something out of the time together. I guarantee it! 

You'll experience

Less advice, more questions

Advice is about us, questions are about them. The best support honors the wisdom within each of us.

Less knowing, more discovering

Take off that "expert" hat, breathe a sigh of relief, and gather in community where we're all guides, we're all explorers.

Less urgency, more trust

Trust the process, watch it unfold, and experience the opportunity for growth of those asking and those receiving.

Your most aligned, most connected level of leadership awaits!

What previous participants have said:

This has changed everything - not just how I approach problems on my team, but also how I talk with my children, how we communicate at dinnertime - the benefits cross every part of my life.

It's amazing how quickly we saw results. The process helped me see that I was focusing on answering the wrong question. Now that I know what to focus on, I feel like I can make a lot more progress.

I need to do more of this so I can build up my skills and use it with my own clients. I so easily go to expert-mode, but my clients actually need THIS!

Hi, I'm Laura, and curiosity is my superpower.

I've asked "too many" questions for as long as I can remember. If there's one common thread throughout my professional life - from being an Army officer, to a director in a non-profit, to running a management consulting practice - it's that I've always been super curious about how we grow as humans and as leaders, even when those around us seem just fine with the status quo.

The future is asking us to step into human-first, heart-centered, "Hell, Yes!" leadership. I believe a commitment to curiosity and the connection it creates are non-negotiables for how we get there.

I'm so excited that you're here! Join me in this free monthly gathering to cultivate your own curiosity through the power of inquiry. Let's see what's possible!

What we'll discover together. Your inner wisdom awaits.

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