Creating cultures where leaders and teams can thrive.

I help you create a workplace where people, including you, are excited to show up every day.

Workplace dynamics are changing.

The most talented people are looking for environments where they can contribute at a higher level; where their work aligns with their values; and where their unique skillsets and most authentic personalities are appreciated.

And with a little intentional planning and deliberate action, that workplace could be yours!

How We Get There

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture often develops by default. I help you create culture on purpose through strategy development, expert meeting facilitation, team building, and senior and executive team alignment.

Leadership Development

Creating a thriving culture requires excellent leadership skills. I provide leadership training, coaching, and peer support groups to help leaders build the skills they need to help their organization thrive.

Individual Well-being

Thriving cultures are made up of thriving individuals. I love helping people tune into what truly supports their wellbeing. Healthy habits combined with a supportive work environment create a recipe for success.

They're All Connected

  • Strong leaders have the skills to create and maintain strong cultures.
  • Strong cultures create an environment where leadership skills can grow and develop.
  • Well people are better equipped to become strong leaders.

And so on...

Fortunately, it's possible to grow in each and all of these areas and improvement in one naturally catalyzes change in the others.

Together, we'll identify what would be most impactful for your organization and we start there!

Hi! I'm Laura

I am truly a product of my personal and professional upbringing. My experiences as an army officer and registered dietitian combined with my many years as a management consultant have created a unique perspective on the intimate connection between our workplaces and our wellbeing and what it takes to create cultures where people thrive.

I am on a mission to change the culture of work so that our work and our wellbeing support each other instead of competing with each other. We shouldn't have to choose between work and wellbeing! And the best part is - when people thrive, organizational success skyrockets.

When we work together, I see myself as part of the team and commit to creating the culture you desire right alongside you. 


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