Laura Buckley Work With Me

You deserve to love your life

And I don't mean just a little bit. I don't mean you deserve to be "satisfied." I mean you deserve to feel confident and fired up on a day-to-day basis. Ready to jump out of bed and embrace all that the world has to offer you. And just to be clear - I'm not here to debate that with you. I'm here to help you figure out what that looks like for you and then help you go get it. 

Here's what I think you should know about my approach:

  • It’s different. You might think it’s nonsensical. I’m OK with that. I just ask that you trust me enough to try the tools. This is a journey. There may be trial and error. But I use techniques that I've seen loads of success with both for myself and my clients. I won't lead you astray.
  • I spend more time on shifting beliefs than I do on shifting behavior. We’ll, for sure, talk about the behavior change, but that’s the easy part. The beliefs are a little trickier and hold all the power in the long-run.
  • You should definitely learn about me and my theories before you decide if working with me is a good fit. Come follow me @laurabuckleycoaching on Insta and FB to get a taste (actually, it’s more like a whole meal. I share a lot of my thoughts for free).
  • It’s intense on purpose. Here’s what I know - change requires support. If you’re ready to go all-in, I’m ready to go with you, but I won’t set you up for failure by meeting "here and there" or going weeks between appointment.
  • It's all virtual - I coach through Zoom and it's amazing. You can show up in your jammies or in full glam. I love you either way.

If I can do it, you can do it

I'm not a unicorn. I was just determined to stop being a victim of my weight and and to finally turn it around. I knew there was more to life and I knew I could find it. If you make the same decision, you can get the same results. I promise you that. I'm not saying it will be easy, but I am saying it will be worth it.

I believe enough for both of us

I don't expect you to believe in yourself. Yet. And that's OK. I already know you can do it and I won't change my mind about that. I will believe enough for you until you are ready to believe in yourself. Fully. Whole-heartedly. Unapologetically. 

We may be a good fit to work together if:

  • You’ve tried to lose/manage weight in the past and haven’t found the long-term success you desire.
  • You are sick of obsessing over your weight/food/how your clothes will fit.
  • You’re willing to try something new.
  • You can commit to 10-15 minutes of homework per day.
  • You feel stuck in more ways than one (body, career, home-life, life in general, etc.).

I’m probably not a good fit for you if:

  • You’re just looking for a meal plan to follow. While I do use meal planning, I see it as only one piece of the approach to long-term success. There are plenty of super smart people out there that can help you with a meal plan if you're not interested in the coaching piece. I would be happy to refer you!
  • This is the first time you’ve tried to change your diet or your weight. 
  • You’re not ready to try something new.
  • You’re not ready to invest in your health and wellbeing.

So, if you are saying, "Enough is enough." or "Something's gotta give." Let's do this. 

You can get to know me and see if I'm right for you in 3 simple steps OR check out my offerings:

1. Book a FREE 30-minute consult. You'll get a taste of my style and we'll figure out if it's a good fit.

2. At the time of your scheduled call, I'll call you. The call will last about 30 minutes. It's an opportunity for me to get to know you and your goals and for you to get to know me and my style. It's important for you to decide if you trust me and feel comfortable opening up to me. It's the only way coaching can be successful.

3. If we both decide it's a good fit, I'll share all the details about what working with me looks like and we'll go from there! Simple.

Not quite sure about coaching?

That's totally fine! I don't expect you to be. In fact, I was a professional coach and I was still  hesitant to hire a coach. That's why it's free. I want you to try it out and see if it's a good fit for you. 

Not quite sure about me?

I hear ya, sister! It can feel weird to share your challenges with someone you've never met. And I believe that chemistry and trust between my clients and me is very important. So let's feel it out. You'll know after the mini session if I'm right for you. And if I'm not, that's totally fine and we'll be glad to know. No pressure. I promise.

Not sure if the time is right?

It never is and that's not a reason to wait. There will always be a reason not to take action. There will always be an excuse to wait a little longer. But the sooner you start, the sooner you get to enjoy freedom. It's OK if work is busy, your family is full of chaos, and you have a trip planned in two weeks. We'll get through it!