Laura Buckley Work With Me

I love my clients

You'll be amazed at how quickly I start referring to myself as part of your team. I talk in "we" because if we choose to work together, we truly are in it together. 

Here's what I think you should know about my approach:

  • I take a people-focused approach to organizational success. I truly believe that people are the most important asset and that investing in the team is the most effective way to improve business outcomes
  • I believe that organizational success starts at the top and the most effective culture changes starts with the leader
  • I customize my process for each client, but most programs include a combination of retreat facilitation, leadership development, senior team support, and talent development
  • I believe that communication, trust, and accountability are key to long-term team success
  • The work isn't always easy, but it is always worth it.
  • It can be hard and fun at the same time - and I believe there should always be some fun involved!

OK, so what do I actually do?

I'm glad you asked!

Services Offered

Consulting and Facilitation

I work with teams to design and facilitate the conversations that will help them move toward their goals. Services may include: Senior team retreats and meetings, board retreats, team building sessions, values and teaming agreement work. 

Leadership Development

Many leaders are promoted based on the technical skills, but once they are in leadership roles, the interpersonal skills are essential for success. I help leaders succeed in their roles by helping them learn to support and grow their teams.

Talent Development

Staff development is key to engagement, fulfillment, and retention. When people feel that their company is invested in them, they are more invested in the company. I support companies with in-person and virtual professional development.


Personal support helps people take the work we are doing and integrate it into their daily lives. Coaches provide a safe, confidential space for leaders to grow and learn. I am grateful to work with a wonderful team of coaches to provide one on one leadership and executive coaching services. 

Curious about what it might look like for you and your team?

Not quite sure about working with a consultant?

That's totally fine! I don't expect you to be. In fact, I was a professional coach and I was still  hesitant when I hired my first coach. Let's jump on a call and see if it's a good fit for you. 

Not quite sure about me?

I hear ya! It can feel weird to share your challenges with someone you've never met. And I believe that chemistry and trust between my clients and me is very important. So let's feel it out. You'll know after the mini session if I'm right for you. And if I'm not, that's totally fine and we'll be glad to know. No pressure. I promise.