People are motivated to set goals and embark on change once the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain associate with change. Change is hard. It involves effort, energy, and loss. And while pain will motivate us to get us started, we need something more to keep us going even when (especially when) we want to quit.


Goals require change

In my line of work, goals and change sometimes feel synonymous. The desire for something to change is what motivates us to set goals. And in order to achieve goals, something has to change. We can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results (to paraphrase Einstein). 

Therefore, when we set goals, we have to accept that we will be embarking on a journey of change: of letting go; of creating; of discomfort. We have to trust in the unknown and accept that, while some of of our learning will come from what does work, the majority might come from what doesn't work. Yikes!

Vision: The possibility in change

While change is generally associated with pain, visioning is all about possibility. Visioning helps us to create our future - to decide what we are working toward and to actually see and feel what it will be like to get there. Having a vision is exciting and that excitement can energize us to keep going, even when the change feels really hard. It's not uncommon to ask ourselves if our effort is really worth it. Our vision reminds us of why it absolutely is worth it. When you get really clear on where you are going, nothing will stop you.

Getting started with vision

Ready to create your vision of success? These three things will help you on your way:

  1. What does success look like? When you achieve your goal: what will you be able to do, have, feel? How will life be different? How will you be different? What are you most excited about?
  2. When you achieve your goal, the current pain will no longer be on your mind. This means you'll have more mental energy to focus on other things. So: what will you think about, focus on, direct your energy to instead?
  3. Now - set aside 2 minutes every morning to visualize your future self - the one who has achieved the goal. See her and feel what it's like to be her. The more you focus on where you are going, the more motivated you will be to get there.

Cue the video

I recorded this video just for you. It's a quick, 5-minute video on the power of vision.

Take a look and then come back here because I want to hear from you! What goal are you working toward and what does your vision look like?

Next week we'll head into Part 2: Belief. 

Once we have a vision, we have to commit to believing in it - no matter what! See you then!

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