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Self-help resources provide some of the most powerful tools to help us feel our best and achieve our goals, but only if we put the tips into action!



I love self-help. I listen to podcasts, go to seminars and do lots and lots of reading. I truly believe that these resources provide interesting points of view, useful exercises and varying perspectives that allow us to achieve the best versions of ourselves. They provide lessons that we don't typically learn in traditional educational settings, and lessons that stand to be the most valuable for having a full and satisfying life. But only if we put the learning into action.

Consuming is just the beginning

Let's face it, self-help resources are generally fun to read. They inspire us, motivate us and leave us feeling like we can really go accomplish the goals we're been thinking about. They generally contain good stories and examples of theory in action. But all too often, we close the book (or turn off the podcast), put it back on the shelf, and carry on with business as usual.

It's time to go from consuming (which we sometimes refer to as "edu-tainment") to learning and implementing. Because that's where the magic happens! It takes a bit more work, but when we focus on quality over quantity and really retain the information and put it into practice, things start to change. Are you ready?

Cue the video

In this video, we'll go over - why I love self-help, the different types of resources out there, and how to really get the most out of the time you spend going through these tools!

Self-help learning action taking action to get results

Prefer to read? You can get the transcript HERE.

Before you go- I'd love to hear from you! What resonated most or what's your greatest take-away?

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