Redefining Healthy: Take your Power Back from Diet Culture

There is a pretty standard definition of healthy that we’ve been taught we need to strive for if we want to live a long, abundant life.

This version of healthy typically includes a focus on the size of your body, your diet, and your exercise habits.

But, the truth is, the standard definition of health is based more on the ideals of diet culture that we’ve been told are “normal.”

That diet culture that we’re conditioned to adhere to leaves us spending our precious human experience here on Earth worrying about things that detract from our enjoyment of life:

Did I eat too many calories?

What’s the scale going to say?

Can I fit into those pants?

Do I have enough points left to have a glass of wine? (side note: the answer is Yes! Always yes. 😉 )

I refuse to spend any more time living for the number on the scale - break free of diet culture

Diet culture makes false promises

Diet culture tells us that if we are “good” and follow the rules, we will be healthier and live longer.

But my truth is: I don't want to know if a practice is going to slow my death, I want to know if a practice is going to support my best life: more connection with myself and others, more joy, more freedom, more opportunity to create a better future for all of us. 

Because that, my friend, is what living is all about.

Diet culture has convinced us to focus on living longer and reducing risk of death by certain diseases. But what is life if it doesn't have joy and love and pleasure? What are we living for?

I refuse to spend any more time living for:

The number on the scale or the number on the tag in my pants.

Other people's opinion about my ideas and actions.

A number in my bank account.

Those are not things to live for.

I invite you to join me on this journey to explore ways to live that feel vibrant, fulfilling, and free; that serve the most unique and authentic version of YOU; that light you up so you are so damn excited to get out of bed every morning. 

Because when you live that way - you are so in awe of life and your body that you can't help but nourish your mind, body, and spirit in ways that create higher and more thriving.

And that, my friend, is what health is really about.

health is about living the life you want - break free of diet culture

Let’s redefine healthy together

Health is about having a lifestyle and a mindset and a vision of the future that inspires you to take such amazing care of the body you have so you can live the life you want for as long as possible.

But, unfortunately, we’ve come to define health by the number on the scale and a diet that society would agree is “clean.” Food and weight are serving as such a distraction. A way to stay stuck and fixated on something that doesn't serve you. That doesn't really even mean anything.

Redefining healthy is all about helping you identify what creates more of your best life. What makes you feel most alive? How do you go get more of that? That's what redefining healthy is all about.

No more looking outside of yourself for the answers to your wellbeing. It's time to go within. To listen to your body. To make decisions solely based on what feels amazing to you and what creates a higher sense of vibrancy.

Unlearning the lies of diet culture

Redefining healthy is also about unlearning the lies of diet culture and societal norms about what is healthy. 

We've been told a lot of things that just don't actually hold up in the research. So, let's challenge those beliefs. Let's call them out and see them for what they are: standards that are almost impossible for the general population to obtain and, more importantly, don’t necessarily equate to health. 

It’s time to stop fixating on menial things that distract us from making the amazing things we are capable of creating in the world.

Will you join me in redefining healthy?

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