Are you ready to create a trusting, connected relationship with your body?

We all deserve to have a peaceful relationship with food and weight so we can eat with ease, feel better in our bodies, and ditch guilt and shame.

Let's do it together!
Laura Buckley MS RD

Our pasts, our conditioning, diet culture have left us...

  • Spending way too much time and mental energy thinking about what, when, and how much to eat
  • Constantly trying to figure out how to eat to reach our body and weight goals
  • Having a hard time trusting our bodies' cues for info on how to eat and move our bodies, so we reluctantly turn to meal plans instead
  • Finding that making food choices that feel healthy is easy-ish during the day, but come evening... forget about it? 


I'm  Laura and I'm so glad you're here

I've been right where you are and I know how exhausting, frustrating, and "oh my goodness, how do I put an end to this"-ing it can be.

I went on my first diet when I was 10 years old. I'll never forget it... tuna fish and Ritz crackers... I developed an eating disorder in my teen years and even though I "recovered," I continued to struggle with my weight and body until I was in my early 30s (yup, even as an RD, even with "all the information").

I actually stumbled into healing my relationship with food when I found life coaching. But once I discovered what was possible, I knew I was meant to share it with the world. 

Over my 16 years as a dietitian and the past 5 years of coaching, I've developed a philosophy called Body Partnership to help you heal your relationship with food at the foundational level so you can find peace and ease that lasts.

Working with Laura helped me slow down and really process what I was saying and experiencing. It helped me become much more aware of what I was choosing and why so that I can make decisions that feel most aligned with what my body needs.

Carlyn B.

Introducting: Path to Body Partnership 

A 10-week group coaching program designed to help you ditch diet culture and build a loving relationship with food and your body so you can be empowered in your health and feel like yourself again.

Body Partnership is...

A state of being

A sense of togetherness, belonging, and connection. A grounded-ness that comes from feeling at home in your body and trusting that your mind and body can be together in harmony

A guiding light

A way of tuning into your body for guidance about what will best support your well-being. It involves looking within for answers as opposed to looking to outside sources.

A journey

A process of getting curious, a willingness to try something new, and a deepening of the connection along the way. As we stay the journey, we learn what's possible.

And, best of all, it's available to YOU!

On the Path to Body Partnership, you will discover:

1. A goal setting process that will put an end to all other goal setting processes so you can truly understand what it means to feel healthy and well in your body.

2. My simple process to make any new habit last (yes, even the one that has been your New Year's resolution for the past 3 years and counting...)

3. Beliefs about health and well-being that may be holding you back and how to create beliefs that serve you so well you can't wait to work on your wellness goals.

4. How to design your own unique wellness plan that lights you up and inspires you (and isn't rigid or "all or nothing"-eque so you can flex with your body's natural energy).

5. Mind-body practices that help you listen to your body and trust its cues so you don't feel adrift when making decisions about food and exercise.

If you are ready to say:

"No thank you" to:

  • “Shoulds” around eating and exercise that leave you feeling like a failure
  • Restricting food groups and following prescriptive meal plans that leave you hungry and full of cravings
  • One-size-fits approach to health that disconnects you from what’s authentically right for your unique body

And "Hell yes!!" to:

  • Connecting with your body to decide what to eat and how to move your body so you care for yourself with ease and confidence
  • Unlearning the conditioned beliefs around calories, exercise, and weight goals and learning the truth about what your body needs to be at it’s best
  • Surrounding yourself with other women on this journey so you have a community of love and support to rely on and show up with

Because when you say “Yes!” to that, you also say, “Yes!” to:

  • Vibrant energy so you can keep up with the kiddos (and have the patience to love them through all the things)
  • Increased mental clarity so you can breeze through your work responsibilities with enough time to breathe as you transition between work and family time
  • An experience of health and well-being that leaves your feeling confident and in harmony with your body
  • A greater connection to joy and fun! 

Here is what you'll get in this safe and connected space:

10 weeks of small group coaching sessions

Group coaching is a powerful way to make progress. You will have the opportunity to be coached and to observe others being coached. We will learn together through a shared experience that accelerates your connection with yourself and others (at 1/3 of what it costs to work with me one on one).

Videos, worksheets, meditations

You will have access to resources to support your progress between sessions and beyond the group program. There's something for every learning style - worksheets to support the exercises we'll learn in the group, meditations to help you create a deeper connection between your mind and body, and audio or video recordings to reinforce the lessons.

Private Facebook group

You will not be alone between sessions! We will use a private Facebook group to connect, share reflections, hold space for our challenges, and celebrate successes. I will also answer questions in the Facebook group so we can all learn together.

Join me on the Path to Body Partnership

Where you will connect, heal, and rediscover the wisdom of your body.

  • 10 virtual group coaching calls
  • In-between support and connection in a private Facebook group
  • Worksheets, videos, meditations 
  • Love, fun, fulfillment :)

If you're hoping to find a meal plan and a "just do it" message, you won't find that here...

What you will find in the group:

  • A supportive environment to offer and receive support
  • Deep connection with yourself and others
  • A new perspective on health, goal setting, and what success looks like
  • A renewed sense of inspiration and motivation

What's not included

  • Prescriptive, one-size-fits-all meal plans and schedules
  • “Lifestyle habits” that feel more like a full-time job
  • Weight loss-focused outcomes (while I truly honor that you may desire to lose weight, that is more of a side effect than the primary focus of this work)

Because the truth is

We've followed the meal plans. We've read the books. We've counted and tracked and measured and weighed.

And it's time for something different. Something that meets you where you are. That digs beneath the surface and helps you create a deeper connection with your body. That helps you build trust and confidence.

My approach isn't a new spin on an old system. It's a completely different approach that helps you ditch diet culture and do wellness YOUR way. 

You're the expert. I'm the guide.

Join me on the Path to Body Partnership

Where you will connect, heal, and rediscover the wisdom of your body.

  • 10 virtual group coaching calls
  • In-between support and connection in a private Facebook group
  • Worksheets, videos, meditations 
  • Love, fun, fulfillment :)


When are the group coaching sessions?

The program kicks off March 1. Sessions are currently scheduled for Fridays at 12:00 ET and will last for 1 hour. My plan is to keep the groups small, so I may offer an additional time depending on enrollment.

What if I can't make the calls?

All calls will be recorded and shared. You will also have access to the private Facebook group to connect for support, even if you have to miss one or two calls. Participating in the group sessions is a very powerful piece of this work, so if you think you'll have to miss a majority of the calls, working together in a different way may be more beneficial.

Is the payment refundable?

Payment is non-refundable.

Have another question not answered here?

I'd love to hear from you! Please email me at