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If you have ever tried to start a new habit, but found the old habit kept calling you back, you are not alone. No matter how excited, motivated, or committed we feel to making a change, sticking with it will always be a challenge. 


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Your mammal brain vs. your human brain

Decisions to make healthy changes are usually driven by our highest level of brain function which comes from our human brain. They are usually based in logical thought about the outcomes we desire and the behavior that will help us achieve them. And while your human brain is thinking about making change, the mammal brain that drives behavior is fighting to preserve the old way. Because the old way is familiar. It is safe. And safety is the mammal brain's #1 concern. Don't be mad at it. It thinks it's keeping you safe.

Acknowledge the mammal brain, then move forward

The most effective way to not let your mammal brain sabotage your efforts to create change is to acknowledge what you are leaving behind. Notice how the old way served you. What was the benefit? What was the value? Recognizing what you are leaving behind is just as important as knowing what new behaviors you want to put in place. 

This video explains it all

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