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Research shows that life satisfaction and happiness levels are lowest between the ages of 30 and 50. And I see it all the time. I coach many women in this age range who are struggling to find fulfillment and joy in the lives they've worked so far to create for themselves.


It's actually not that surprising

Life is demanding. We work hard to achieve the milestones that we are taught are the "right" path to follow. And when we get where we are going - some version of education, job, family, etc., what we find is a whole lot of responsibility that may seem a bit overwhelming and unfulfilling. And sometimes it seems that the only way to find happiness is to add more to the plate - go back to school, have another baby, find a new job, etc... But this often results in more stress instead of the fulfillment we were searching for.

Just because it's normal, doesn't mean we have to accept it!

One problem I see is that while we are taught how to achieve our goals, we are never really taught how to find joy and happiness in both the process and the outcome! We don't know how to manage the stress that comes with the accomplishment. 

And that's actually great news, because it is never too late to learn how to manage our stress and find fulfillment in the life that we have worked so hard to create. In this video, originally recorded as a Facebook Live, I share a few tips on how to get started finding happiness in the life you have.

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