​The life you desire is closer than you think.

Laura Buckley MS, RD, Coaching for Allied Health Professionals

Hi! I'm Laura, and I help women who want it all create lives they can't wait to jump out of bed for.  

Are you next??

Creating a life you love starts with gaining confidence and empowerment.

Ready to shift your focus to things that are within your control? 

This simple worksheet will help you:

  • Feel more confident, optimistic and hopeful
  • Become more mindful of how you focus your energy and attention
  • Identify questions you can ask to shift your focus back to what you can control

Join our tribe of fabulous women in pursuit of their true passion, purpose, and wellbeing and get this FREE Circle of Control and Influence Worksheet.

Circle of control, feel more empowered, get more control

When you build a life you're excited to jump out of bed for, you:

  • Have more energy, clarity and focus for the things in your life that really matter so that you feel good about how you spend your days while also getting more done!
  • Create a sense of peace, confidence and wellbeing at work and at home so that you can experience less doubt and worry (and, therefore, actually enjoy all that you are creating!)  
  • Stop searching for happiness outside of yourself and learn to experience the joy that is already all around you and within you.

Why Coaching?

Simply put, coaching will get you results faster than you will achieve them on your own. The extra push. The challenging of beliefs. A supporter who believes you are more capable than you know. You can do this. I am here to help. Stop wishing. Start living.

Let's do this together.

Why You?

You are here. You found me. That tells me one thing - you are ready for more. You are curious. You are motivated. You realize there is more out there for you. You are ready to stop searching and start creating and you, my friend, are the only one who can make this happen!

You got this!

Why Now?

The yearning for something more is not going away. In fact, I'll bet it is getting stronger and maybe even starting to nag you. You know there's more out there for you and you're ready to find out what it is. You're tired of waiting for the perfect moment and are ready for results.

If not now, when?

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What People are Saying

"I have strength and confidence. You helped me get to where I wanted to be."

I am so thankful for you and your wisdom. You helped me take a seemingly impossible process and turn it into little actionable steps. The simple things added up to a huge transformation in my life. I'm on to my 3rd promotion in 6 months. The biggest thing is my self-esteem. I have strength and confidence. You helped me get to where I wanted to be instead of a place of settling. It's an absolute gift and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

-Susie G.

Dawn Coaching Testimonial

"Increased self-confidence, productive communication in my marriage and a better approach to parenting."

Initially, I was interested in coaching with Laura because I was determined to, once and for all, identify a way of eating that would free me from years of dieting and exercise obsession. Our conversations quickly became less and less about my weight, and more and more about my thinking and my mindset about my life, encompassing so much more than a number on the scale. Through my work with Laura, I have experienced a greater sense of commitment to developing myself personally and professionally. This has resulted in increased self-confidence, productive communication in my marriage and a better approach to parenting. And, although it is no longer my primary focus, I am clearer on what it takes to create a healthy, physical lifestyle. I highly recommend Laura’s coaching service for people interested in moving the needle in their lives from average and surviving to incredible and thriving!

-Dawn C. 

Laura Buckley Coaching and Consulting Testimonial

"I feel more confident, I am participating more in my life, I laugh harder."

When I first started working with Laura, I had no idea how much of myself I would discover and LOVE! I knew I needed a change - doing what I had always done wasn’t working.  Laura’s approach comes from a place of genuine love and caring. Her passion is undeniable.  Watching the pieces come together, I truly feel like my life has magic!  Through working with Laura, I have learned the importance of being my authentic self, honoring my voice (my gut and my soul), tapping into my feelings and that loving myself is the most important and fun thing I can do!  I see this radiate in all relationships in my life and more importantly in my relationship in myself.  I feel more confident, and find that I am participating in my life (rather than just going through the motions), I laugh harder and feel more. The power of feeling my feelings and reframing my thoughts is remarkable and life changing! 

-Marg D.

I'd love to hear from you!

Laura Buckley MS, RD, Coaching for Allied Health Professionals