3 Simple Steps to Food Freedom

Can we all just agree that you were born for So. Much. More. than constantly thinking about food, weight, and how your clothes are going to fit today? You deserve food freedom.

OK, now that that’s agreed upon...what are we going to do about it? 


Spoiler alert: Food freedom will never be found in a diet or meal plan. I repeat: A new diet is not the answer.

So, what to do instead? I’m glad you asked

Finding food freedom

I have worked with clients for 16 years and I know what works for long-term results (my approach has been pain-stakingly crafted over the years by finding out a bunch of (traditional, popularly-touted) stuff that doesn’t work and a beautiful process that actually does. Please, learn from my journey…)

The last thing I will offer you is a quick-fix or results that don’t require effort. As appealing as those may seem up front, the truth is that they just don't work. And you don't have time for stuff that doesn't work, amiright??

If you are willing to do the work and put in some time and effort, I truly believe you will be able to achieve your goals and find food freedom. And I think you know I’m right, because you’ve already accomplished so many kick-ass things. I hear you asking yourself how this one still manages to elude you...

Are you ready?? I hope so, because you’re here! (Lucky me!) And together, we can get you where you want to be if you’re really ready to go there. 

Finding success with food and body requires three simple steps. They truly are simple, but that does not in any way mean that they are quick or easy. I like to be real about that right up front because if you expect it to be a little hard, it will be a lot easier to stick with it. And besides, you were born to do hard things. Why should this be any different?

First things first: Awareness

Everything starts with awareness. Before we start making changes or jump into a new diet or exercise regimen, we must understand where we are starting and what we truly want to accomplish. Now, since we’re talking food freedom, I’m guessing what you want to accomplish is a greater sense of ease with food and weight so you can kick the anxiety around what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat to the curb.

Awareness around our relationship with food comes in many forms. We have to get up close and personal with food choices, energy levels, appetite, emotional wellbeing, diet thoughts, socially conditioned beliefs about body and health and beauty, and what we truly want. The list goes on. 

Awareness helps you set a solid foundation so that you can take action in a way that will serve you for the rest of your life. Once you have awareness, we can move into action!

Next up: Choice

Ooooh, choice! It’s such an exciting aspect of being human. Think about it - every day, every moment, you are choosing! Oftentimes, it doesn’t feel like that’s the case at all because most of our choices happen on autopilot. We make many decisions without ever really considering them or considering that there might be an alternative. 

But once you’ve done step 1 and built up all sorts of juicy awareness, you’ll get to turn off the cruise-control and get back in the driver’s seat. Yea! I can’t even explain the amount of power and excitement that exists inside of choice. But it can also be a bit scary to really accept responsibility and take some steps toward food freedom in order to create the life and wellbeing you desire. 

Which leads me to… Trust

Ahhh, this is the hardest and most rewarding part. Not surprising it comes last. You have to build your way up to this one, and creating awareness and getting clear about your choices will help pave the way. 

Oh my goodness, there is so much magic when you learn to trust yourself, your body, and your relationship with food. But the truth is, because of the diets and meal plans, the starts and stops, the ups and downs, and programs that promised results in the past, you probably lost some trust in your ability to be successful with finding food freedom once and for all. And that’s OK. As long as you’re here, and you’ve read this far, I know one thing about you: You still have it in you to turn that car around and reach your destination. 

Trust with self is built by:

  • Holding your awareness with compassion instead of judgement.
  • Following through on your choices and honoring whatever outcome you receive.
  • Reflecting on your actions and committing to seeing all outcomes as success or learning opportunities. 
  • Being willing to be with yourself through the process instead of distracting or disconnecting. 

This is trust.

You ready?

If this sounds like an approach you can get onboard with (or you’d at least like to learn more about), then keep reading. We’re going to dig into each of the  steps to help you find your way to food freedom.  First up:

Finding Food Freedom starts with Awareness.

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