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Ever wish you had more control over what's going on in your life? Here's a little secret - we frequently have more than we realize, but we are so busy focusing on what we can't control, that we don't even notice the things that we can control. This episode is all about how to shift our focus the things that we actually do have control over so that we can feel more empowered, inspired and optimistic. 


When we focus on things that are outside of our control, we can feel powerless, frustrated and hopeless. We may stop thinking of new ways to approach challenges and just accept circumstances the way they are. But, when we shift our focus to what we can control, we operate with a clearer, more creative mind. We're more likely to communicate in a way that helps us work better with others. And we get better results. 

How it's worked for me (I bet you can relate!)

I used to spend a lot of time focusing on how terrible the traffic here outside of DC is. I would blame the traffic for feeling rushed and anxious, and, of course it was the traffic's fault if I was late. I would feel frustrated and angry because I was focusing on something that was completely outside of my control.

BUT - when I decided to focus on what I could control, I came up with better solutions that left me feeling empowered and completely responsible for my commute. Now - I leave the house earlier. I pay more attention to the traffic map and plan ahead. I find ways to spend the time in the car that I enjoy (podcasts!), so it still feels like a good use of my time. And the best thing is - it leaves me feeling happier when I arrive at my destination, so I can simply get on with my work and enjoy my experience. 

So, let's get to it!

Click below to watch this video on the Circle of Control and Influence. Then comment below and let me know: What is one way you could benefit from focusing on something that is within your control?

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Ready to feel more empowered and optimistic? Great! Download your free Circle of Control Worksheet HERE.

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