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Looking for ways to boost your energy fast? In this post, I share 15 tips for boosting your energy in 5 minutes or less. 


Energy. It’s what gets us up and moving, it’s what keeps us moving, and it’s what allows us to show up for our lives in a way that feels really good. 

OK, OK, you already know that - but did you also know that you can boost your energy fast with a few simple tips (that don’t include energy shots)?

Boost energy fast when resting is not an option

Without energy, you have no action. And sometimes that’s OK! Sometimes, what you really need is rest and it’s amazing to be able to honor that. I am a firm believer that we must honor and follow our energy whenever possible.

But sometimes, OK, a lot of the time, your energy dips when you may feel like you have to keep going or maybe you want to keep going. And in those moments, it’s helpful to have some tools to boost your energy fast. And I'm also a big believer that we can have lots of influence on our energy.

(Check out my post: The Key to Making Healthy Habits Stick: Focus on Energy to learn about how energy influences long-term lifestyle change)

When energy dips

Trying to force your way through whatever you're working on when your energy tanks can create a real struggle. 

Maybe you notice:

  • You end up reading the same line of a book over and over again, but can’t quite grasp the content
  • You find yourself allowing more distractions like scrolling through social media or checking your email for the fifth time in 30 minutes
  • Your brain feels foggy and dense, like you can’t get any creativity flowing
  • You feel antsy and can’t seem to sit still

All of these things can slow you down and cause your energy to decrease even further.

Tips to boost energy fast 

Welp, that all sounds kinda miserable, amiright? 

Let’s look at a bunch of ways (15 exactly) you can boost your energy fast. 

1. Drink water: Dehydration is a frequent cause of feeling sluggish or tired. Grab something to drink and see what happens. Want to have some fun with it? Try sparkling water or add fruit and mint. Or add an umbrella and try not to feel a little fancy.

2. Hold a hot cup of something: A heightened nervous system leads to increased energy expenditure. Holding a warm beverage can sooth your nervous system and, therefore, decrease the amount of energy that is directed that way. Placing a hand on your cheek can do the same. Your cheeks and the palms of your hands have many nerve endings, so they are efficient places to create a soothing feeling.

3. Do a gratitude download: Positivity boosts energy. When you make a list of allll the things you have to be grateful for, you bring in positive energy that may be just what you need to feel refreshed and optimistic.

4. Get some blood pumping! Movement is a beautiful way to get your energy up. It increases circulation and brings more oxygen to your brain and muscles. Movement also shifts your physical perspective which can lead to a new point of view. Sometimes that’s just what we need to keep going. Jump around, dance, march in place. Whatever feels good for you!

5. Change your location: Speaking of switching perspectives - changing your physical location can work wonders for boosting energy. When my energy starts to sink, I frequently move to a different location in my office (i.e. go sit on the floor with my laptop 🙂 Or I go down into the kitchen and work from there instead. 

6. Sing: And I don’t just mean sing - I mean belt it out! Singing out loud requires you to fill your belly with air and increase oxygen flow. It can also make you feel very empowered and ready to take on any obstacle! 

Quick tip: Make a list of some of your favorite songs to sing along to. I have a Disney princess playlist that does the trick every time 🙂 

7. Foam roll: We have two circulatory systems in the body - the cardiovascular system that we tend to be fairly familiar with - and the lymph system. The lymph system relies on movement to circulate at it's best, and foam rolling around areas that are higher in lymph nodes can support just that. Try foam rolling the sides of your legs and up and down the side of your torso. 

Bonus: foam rolling can help break up stuck inflammation, improve flexibility, and reduce pain. And all of these things can boost your energy. 

8. Stretch: A short stretching session can increase circulation and bring more flexibility into your muscles. Get even more benefit by doing a short yoga flow. The connection of mind, body, and breath can have a big impact. 

9. Look forward to something: Visioning is one of my favorite ways to boost my energy. Looking ahead to something you are excited about or imagining the outcome of what you are working on can refresh your energy and excitement for the task at hand. 

10. Go outside: A little fresh air on your skin and exposure to natural light can work wonders for boosting energy. Studies show that stress decreases after just five minutes outside. Bonus if you are in a more natural setting!

11. Clap your hands: Sound a little silly? I think so, too. But seriously, try it. It's hard to clap your hands and NOT feel a little excited. It automatically brings up the sense of celebration. Add in a smile and WHOA!

12. Breathe: Do you hold your breath when you are stressed? I do. Shallow breathing keeps us on high alert and decreases oxygen flow to the brain. Take a few moments to breathe deep into your belly and watch your energy, clarity, and focus increase.

13. Laugh: Laughter has many benefits! It relieves stress and releases endorphins. It also opens the heart and allows negative energy to clear out. Laughing creates a stronger sense of connection in relationships too. All these things can boost energy.

14. Brainstorm: Get those creative juices flowing! For some people, coming up with new ideas is an incredible way to boost energy and enthusiasm in any moment. Have fun with it (hey - maybe it will stimulate some laughter. You never know what you’ll come up with!)

15. Dance: For many people, songs hold a lot of meaning and motivation. Plus dancing gets you into your body unlike other activities. That embodiment can get you connected back to your energy and your purpose. Even better - dancing also increases circulation and can help shift perspective.

Quick Tip: As with singing, I recommend creating a playlist of songs that work for you, so when you are in need, so you don't have to think too hard to pull up a song that will help.

Ready to boost your energy?

My suggestion to you is to pick a few that really resonate and jot them down someplace you can access them quickly when you need a quick reminder (i.e. when your energy dips and you want a boost, but don’t want to have to go find this blog post).

Creating sustainable energy for the long-term may take some other adjustments, but for those moments when you really need a little pick-me-up, give it a go with some of these instead of reaching for a snack or 3rd (4th? 5th?) cup of coffee.

And if you want some tips to boost your energy right from the start of the day, check out my 10-Minute Morning Makeover!

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