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When it comes to achieving our goals, we've had it backward! It's time to say, "Goodbye," to "I'll believe it when I see it," and say "Hello," to "I believe it so I WILL achieve it." 


You have your vision, let's make it inevitable

In the last post we talked about the importance of having a vision of success, of knowing where you are going and what it will look like and feel like to get there. That is step 1 (and if you missed that one, go check it out!)

Once you have your vision, you have to solidify your belief that it is going to happen- that, without a doubt, you will get there. Many people tell me they will believe it when they see it. But that, my friends, is nothing more than a self-protective approach. It protects from disappointment. And when we feel protected, we are more likely to quit before we cross the finish line.  It allows us to hop off track at any time and say, "well, that didn't work. I didn't really think it would anyway."

Believe so hard it's contagious

Believing so hard in your vision that it's contagious means that other people start to believe with you. That you are embodying your goal to the point where other people think it's just as inevitable as you do. 

I will never forget the day my husband said, "When your business hits your revenue goal..." It wasn't, "if," it wasn't a "maybe," it was, "when." As in, "It's happening." And he felt that way because it's what I was putting out to the world.

I want you to have that for your goals too, because when you believe so hard it's contagious, magic starts to happen:

  • Setbacks are just bumps in the road that you can learn from.
  • Other people become inspiration instead of competition.
  • Energy levels sky-rocket and ideas hit you when you least expect them.

Simple ways to build belief

Building belief is a regular practice. It is simple, but requires consistency over time. 

Here are three strategies to implement right away (once you have your vision):

  1. Close your ideas and see your vision. Then feel it in your body - see it, taste it, smell it. Live in that moment for a couple of minutes every day. Teach your brain that it is happening.
  2. Watch your language - words like "try", "hope", "we'll see what happens" do not communicate belief. Instead try, "when we get there," "I am...," I can't wait..." Don't underestimate the power of your words. What you say impacts your own belief, not just that of those around you.
  3. Note your progress and reflect on it along the way. Small steps toward your goal are fuel to keep you going. Celebrate them!

Also - remember - you've done this before. You've had goals that you went into with success being inevitable - learning how to drive, getting a job after school, going to college. There are things we've been conditioned to accomplish, so we don't question our ability. That mindset is always available to you.

What if I believe and fail?

I hear this question all the time. And here's what I want to tell you: When you don't believe, you decrease your odds of success. So, it's better to believe all along the way. You will learn, you will continue through setbacks and if you decide you don't want to pursue that goal anymore, it's OK. But you might as well start with the odds in your favor.

Cue the video

I recorded a video on this topic just for you 😉 Head on over and check it out. Then leave me a comment - What are you going to do to build your belief??

Laura Buckley MS, RD, Video in Blog Post on Belief

Go build that belief! Then come back here and tell me what you learned!

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