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'Tis the season to set big goals, create a vision for our future, and commit to reinventing ourselves. The beginning of the year (and the decade!) sends us a signal to reset, restart, and finally make progress toward our life goals. Just beware the all or nothing mindset!


My new year goal

This year in my business, my goals are around building my audience, providing great content, and helping people get the support they need. It's important to me that I provide really good free content so I can support people who may not be ready or willing or able to pay for coaching.

Last year, I wasn't as consistent with my content as I would like to be. So last week, I set a goal to go live on my Facebook business page (@laurabuckleycoaching) every day.

I went live Monday.

I went live Tuesday.

And then Wednesday came along... And my personal life threw some curve balls... And I didn't go live.

Now, there were times when this would have thrown me right off and I wouldn't have gotten back to it for days or weeks or even longer.

Those were the days when I had a real "perfect or bust", "all or nothing" - type mindset.

But the problem with all of nothing is that, all too often, it results in nothing.

All or nothing

All or nothing

I see it all the time with my clients (and I have certainly been there enough times myself!)  - whether it's with their diet, their journaling, their morning routine, or whatever plan they have in place to reach their goals - once they miss a day, they think, "Well, I guess I blew it." And a few questions start running through their minds:

1. Can I really do this?

2. Is it worth it?

3. Will it even make a difference?

Here's the thing about these questions - they are simply a result of doubt and that doubt is probably just a product of habit. Doubt does not indicate a real problem with your ability to kick butt at your goals. And as long as you can recognize that and shift back to the belief that you can do it - you're golden.

The way to a goal

When we're working toward a goal, small steps over time add up to create big results. Even if you miss a day. Even if you go off plan. Even if it slips your mind that you even made a commitment (this happened to me when I wanted to give up dairy for a week. For days, I would be halfway through a piece of cheese before I even remembered that I was trying to avoid dairy).

I really can't emphasize this enough. Every day, every decision - we get to recommit to our goal and to our plan. There will be times when we make a different choice and that's OK! One choice does not sabotage your ability to be successful. 

You've got this!

Whatever goal you're working on - remember to give yourself some grace. When you miss a day, just pick it back up and carry on. No big deal!

Here's to achieving big goals through small steps. One day at a time.

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