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So, you set a big goal, you worked your butt off to believe you could achieve it, you went to work and made it happen (success!), and then... if you're like most of us... you checked it off the list and moved on to the next thing with very little celebration or even acknowledgement.


The success challenge

As a species, we are programmed to work toward goals. For our ancestors, accomplishing goals meant greater survival opportunity: more access to food and water, stronger mates, opportunities to procreate, and access to better shelter.

Nowadays, many of our rewards are social and emotional - when we accomplish something, most of the reward comes from our willingness to congratulate ourselves and our willingness to share that accomplishment with others so they can join in the celebration.

BUT - for many of us, when we achieve a goal, we can fear coming across as prideful, arrogant, different, etc. So, we chalk it up to, "not that big of a deal", "just doing our job", "coulda done better." We keep our accomplishment to ourselves and we move on to the next thing.

For example - A while ago, I set a goal to have a 5-figure month in my business. I meditated on that goal every day, I visualized it happening, I went to work to create tons of value and attract opportunities. And when it happened, I thought, "That was probably just a fluke. I won't be able to do it again." And I was afraid to tell anyone because I was afraid of what they might think or feel.

Why dismissing your success is a disservice

Many of us do this from a place of "protecting" other people. We don't want others to feel "bad" because of what we're achieving. 

BUT - here's the thing - Yes, some people may feel jealous, others will judge you for sharing or dismiss your accomplishment, but others (I'll call these "the ones that matter") will feel inspired, excited, motivated. When you achieve goals, you become an example of what is possible and we are all searching for examples of what IS possible. We have plenty of examples of people maintaining the status quo; we don't need more of that. What we need is more of YOU and your accomplishments.

AND - your own brain, your own motivation, your own energy for achieving goals is impacted when you don't celebrate. It makes your subconscious ask the question, "What are we doing this for??" So, if you want to go achieve bigger and better things, start by celebrating what you've already accomplished. 

My wish for you

If I could give you a gift, it would be the ability to celebrate your success without feeling embarrassed, ashamed, awkward, or guilty. Your subconscious brain is dying to feel recognition for the work you are doing. Why is that??

  • When you recognize your own accomplishment, your brain produces the feel-good chemical, dopamine.
  • When you share your accomplishment with others and they appreciate your success, your brain produces the feel-good chemical, serotonin.

These are the reward at the end of all the hard work. These chemicals are why we are motivated to set more goals and keep striving to create more of what we want in our lives. But, we only get to really enjoy them if we are willing to sit with and acknowledge the achievement.

So, please - celebrate yourself, reward yourself and share your accomplishments with others - your mom, your sister, your best friend. Someone who will cheer you on and lift you up.

And then you can get on with the next thing 🙂

Leave me a comment below! What goal did you achieve that deserves celebrating??

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