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The truth is, I'm a lot like you

Even with the RD, LDN credentials after my name, I struggled with my weight and was constantly searching for what would work long-term for myself and my patients. I understand what you're going through. The frustration, the self-doubt, and self-criticism. The asking, "Why doesn't anything work for me??"

I gave traditional approaches (meal plans, exercise regimens, weekly weigh-ins) a fair shot personally and professionally when I was practicing in hospitals and clinics. Trying to make them work for people was exhausting and completely unfulfilling (and not even working for me personally, sooooo…. Hello fraud complex with a side of burnout). And even though I was eventually able to maintain my weight, I was still living in fear of weight gain and searching for the magic pill to create peace with food. 

I coach because coaching changed my life. And I believe it can change yours.

I finally broke free of weight worries and found comfort and confidence in my body (most days) through coaching. I stumbled across life coaching when I was struggling with infertility and, after trying therapy twice with minimal results, I decided to give it a shot. I had no idea how much it would impact my whole life, not just my grief. And most importantly, I found the skills to finally heal my relationship with my body and my weight. 

And now I am super passionate about helping people just like you find their path to greatest joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, and freedom through coaching. I can help you stop losing and regaining those stubborn pounds so you can free up your mental energy for more important things, like loving on your family, creating the business of your dreams, taking over the c-suite, or changing the world.

I lead with love…

I coach because I care. A lot. I believe everyone who wants to (really, truly wants to) feel better has the choice to do so. Yes, even you. And with some connection, coaching and support, you can find success. Coaching can help you find freedom.

I'm backed by science...

I’ve been a dietitian since 2005; I have a master’s degree in Adult Education and a post-graduate certificate in organizational consulting and change leadership. I am crazy about learning. I love reading new studies and findings. I’m not wed to a strict set of beliefs about nutrition or lifestyle or thought process because we learn new information every day and I see it as my responsibility to consider it with a critical eye and an open mind. My goal is to help you create the best path for you grounded in good science (with a side of woo ;).

But most importantly - I've helped lots of people just like you get where they want to be and I can help you too.

Are you Ready? Let's chat

You can get to know me and see if I'm right for you in 3 simple steps:

1. Book a FREE 30-minute consult. You'll get a taste of my style and we'll figure out if it's a good fit.

2. At the time of your scheduled call, I'll call you. The call will last about 30 minutes. It's an opportunity for me to get to know you and your goals and for you to get to know me and my style. It's important for you to decide if you trust me and feel comfortable opening up to me. It's the only way coaching can be successful.

3. If we both decide it's a good fit, I'll share all the details about what working with me looks like and we'll go from there! Simple.

Want to know more about me?

  • I am a mama, sister, daughter, loyal friend, classroom volunteer, serial idea-generator, occasional idea-executer, lover of all fur-friends
  • I am super enthusiastic and I laugh at my own jokes (seriously, if I don't think I'm funny, how can I expect anyone else to??)
  • I run, write, do yoga, meditate, play with crystals, and get lost in self-development books and podcasts.
  • I wake up for coffee
  • I like red wine, funny TV shows, fresh flowers, board games, and bullet points
  • I’ve been through my share of shit (happily on the other side of them now) - eating disorder, infertility, pelvic floor dysfunction, questionable relationship with alcohol... You can tell me anything. Judgement doesn’t have a place here.

OK, your turn! Schedule a call so I can get to know you!