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When your people thrive, anything is possible

Laura Buckley Coaching and Consulting, Inc. is on a mission to help leaders create organizations where the business thrives because the people thrive.  We believe that the perfect combination of leadership development, organizational consulting, and individual coaching is the secret sauce for individual and organizational success.

Building the bridge between work and wellbeing

The truth is, when organizations use good business practices, it creates space for people to thrive. And when people thrive, they are able to contribute at their highest and best capacity in a way that perpetuates the success of the business. It creates a beautiful synergy between individual and organizational outcomes where everyone benefits. Let's create spaces where work and wellbeing support each other instead of competing with each other!

We are obsessed with organizational culture

Culture provides the framework for how the people, processes, and products of a business work together. If we don't build a culture with intention, it will build itself by default. If your culture isn't exactly what you envisioned when you built your company or when you decided to join the leadership team, no sweat. With proper tools and support (and commitment), we can work together to create the people-focused culture you desire.

our values

  • Connection - We take time to connect as humans to build safe spaces and trusting relationships
  • Curiosity - We ask questions! We challenge our assumptions and seek to learn and grow
  • Inclusion - We create an environment where all identities feel welcome, respected, and supported
  • Wellbeing - We prioritize physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. We put prioritize people over productivity
  • Accountability - We hold ourselves and each other accountable with compassion, love, and grace

I'm Laura and I'm happy you're here!

I love nothing more than supporting heart-centered entrepreneurs and leaders explore their own relationship to work so they can create cultures where they and their people can thrive. 

There is a common thread through my professional journey - from being an Army officer and registered dietitian - to a management consultant and wellbeing coach - to a role in a nonprofit focused on the success of women-owned businesses - I've always been curious about and committed to figuring out how we create opportunities to feel better. Because when we feel better, we do better. And for high-achieving, dedicated professionals, so much of that is connected to their work environment.

I believe we can change the status quo and truly experience wellbeing, joy, and fulfillment because of, not in spite of, our work.

I have a BS in Nutrition Management from RIT, a MS in Adult Education from Buffalo State College and an Executive Certificate in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership from Georgetown University. I am a registered and licensed dietitian and holds certifications in multiple personality assessment tools.